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they're all starting to run so soon little claudia
i can't even listen i'm probably just tired
and they're fighting each other don't worry
baby don't worry i'm worrying
for two so don't worry
you and me won't be making no
sounds i'll try my best
not touch your face hands
in the way that you find someone
you won't go to heaven i
won't get cold when you're mad at me
like i'm retarded when i'm being catered
to i want to talk about it in
the light that i've seen him
in another movie who is that open-mouth boy
i think and i stole every single
song that i have never seen
america america america ameri- 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 i
said excuse me to heaven i won't
see you naked i have found until i
laughed and changed the subject she said what's this